Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic

Through this website our Homeopathic clinic virtually lands at your door steps. Thus make our self available to the community of patients globally. We intent to make our expertise available through this virtual clinic. We treat all type of chronic complaints, also to the complaints which are not responding to other system and combining with the alternating system can give needed relief. We do not treat patients online who requires hospitalization such as critical illness, cardiac ailments, surgical conditions etc.

During our course of treatment we do not let patients stop his/her medicines which they are taking before this treatment. Alteration in the dosage will only be done with the consultation of the expert doctor.

Ways to consult Dr. Keyur Majmundar

A. Through Online:

This online treatment can be undertaken by any patients from any where. Once you’ve solved your query by asking to the doctor and have made up your mind to go for the homeopathic treatment you can sign up here.

Follow these steps

  1. Sign up first after reading the instructions:Give your basic details here.
  2. Select the packages: Select the suitable package for you depending on ‘Group’ you fall in.
Group 1: For patients in India:
Consultation with 3 month medicine Rs. 2400
Consultation with 6 month medicine Rs. 4000
Consultation with 12 month medicine Rs. 8000


Group 2: For patients from Asia & Africa:
Consultation with 3 months medicine $ 130 or Rs. 6000
Consultation with 6 months medicine $ 220 or Rs. 10000
Consultation with 12 months medicine $ 400 or Rs. 18500


Group 3: For patients from rest of the world:
Consultation with 3 months medicine $ 200
Consultation with 6 months medicine $ 300
Consultation with 12 months medicine $ 500

(After the stipulated period is over patients have to renew for further treatment)

(The cost includes Consultation, Medication, online support & shipping)

  1. Make the payment:Make the payment through credit card by most secured payment site ‘Pay pal’.Group 1: Patients in India can also directly deposit the amount in any of the branch of ‘HDFC BANK’ in account no. 00482020002283  (by cheque only).
  2. Indian patients also have option to make payment through SMS
  3. On completing the sign up procedure, you will receive your ‘Case Form’ on you email id.
  4. Down load the attached case form, read it carefully, fill it up and mail it back to
  5. Give complete details as much elaborately as you can. More the clear and frank history you will give the better understanding about you we can make it and thus will help us for better diagnosis and medicine selection.
  6. Once your filled questioner reaches back to Dr. Keyur, he will analyse your case with ‘Totalistic approach’. This may take some time before doctor get back to you.
  7. Any further details required will be asked through email or by online video chat over SKYPE (Skype id – drkeyur1).
  8. The medicine will be sent at your door step through courier or post which ever is available.
  9. You will constantly give your report back to Dr. Keyur to update him about your case.

B. Consult Personally:

Take prior appointment with Dr. Keyur and reach his clinic to consult him in person.

Appointment can be taken on phone: No. +91 79 26761938